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Str8 To Gay with Topher Dimaggio and Jimmy Fanz

Why do these straight guys have such bad luck with their girls I mean, they are hot to look at and cute (the men I mean, not the girls, though they may be as well), they are fit and muscled and they have everything going for them. And yet, when you start a Str8 To Gay scene you often find some hunky guy, Topher Dimaggio in this case, is having trouble with his woman. If I were her I’d grab him, never let him go and fuck his brains out, but here you go. Perhaps the girls over there in the USA have so much choice of men that they can afford to upset and throw away these stunning pieces of man meat. I don’t know, but what I do know that if they didn’t have these issues with their GFs, then these studs wouldn’t get it on for us.

So, here we have discarded Topher going to seek advice from his straight mate Jimmy Fanz who, as the scene opens, is at home chilling out with a straight porn DVD playing and a big seven and a half inch hard-on begging for attention. IN comes Topher and out come his problems. ‘She’ found his porn and threw a wobbly, so Topher also found himself left with a stiffy in need of attention and no porn to watch. Luckily for him, and I suspect luckily for us, his mate Jimmy just happens to have a DVD loaded up and so the two buddies start watching it, while still discussing their girlfriends.

Neither guy thinks anything of whipping his cock out in front of his mate where discussion turns to gay stuff, very briefly. Jimmy starts sucking his mate’s cock and, checking that it’s good (it’s amazing), starts to satisfy his straight buddy in ways neither of them have considered before. Both have great looking cocks, stiff and ready for action and Jimmy gives Topher’s a nice long throat-bath. Soon the two are naked and Topher is down on Jimmy Fanz ( see more of Jimmy Fanz hardcore gay videos – click here )meaty dick. Then they are doing a sixty-nine as the porn plays quietly in the background. Then it’s time to cherry-pop and try some first time anal with straight man Topher being on the receiving end of Jimmy’s driving dick.

Mr. Fanz drills him on his back, on his side, on the creaking bed as he hammers in harder and faster and takes all the punishment his straight ass is given. He takes it on his side, he sits on it and gets fucked from beneath and all the time he is jerking his own eight and a half inch cock. The guys finally let off a bit more than steam as they shoot their juice in this perfect ‘straight does gay for the hell of it’ scene.

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