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Men Of UK with Paddy oBrian and Johnny Rapid

Men Of UK have part three of Disconnected to share with us today. This series has been running a few weeks now and it was following the trials and tribulations of a webcam porn actor played by Johnny Rapid. In the last episode he was sounding off to his roommate and agent, Dan Broughton, and the two of them ended up working out Johnny’s aggression on the bed, in more ways than one. Here we’ve got Dan appearing again but this time with Paddy O´Brian from his own website . Paddy has only made this one film for, he’s got brown hair and blue eyes and stands 5’5” tall with an uncut seven inch cock. We’re really looking forward to seeing how he makes out in this next instalment.

And this story starts off with Dan checking up on one of his webcam guys; he’s not happy with the guy’s performance and Dan has a meeting with Paddy later and he’s not going to be happy. Looks like Paddy is the boss. He soon turns up to quiz Dan and give him some advice and instruction in this thickly accented voice he has, and in his slightly faltering English. He a cute guy and looks great in front of the camera. He wants to put Dan through his physical paces as well as give him a talking to, and so gets Dan to start showing him what a good cam actor should do. Dan has no choice but to start posing and stripping down.

Music plays, Paddy instructs, Rapid shows off, and soon the guys are making out on the sofa. Kissing leads to sucking and Dan goes down on our new star’s dick, which is already hard and ready. The guys get naked, Paddy gives Dan some expert head and then things get really athletic. There are some great positions used by the guys here, with Paddy looking very gymnastic as he is held up over Dan’s head, his cock sliding gracefully in and out of his mouth and throat. Then it’s back to basics and Dan gets his ass well rimmed and lubed up.

Paddy fucks him slow and deep right there in the sitting room, taking him in various hot positions. This new guy knows how to fuck and this is a really impressive first performance from Paddy with Dan playing a very generous and sometimes noisy, always appreciative, bottom. Sounds of flesh slapping, and gasping, groans and finally shooting ecstasy fill the room as Dan cums while he is being fucked. Paddy shoots hard and loads over Dan’s body and we just know that this guy is going to go on to make more and more of these perfect hardcore movies. preview 100+ johnny rapid porn videos at his blog url ->

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