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Drill my Hole pornstars Leo Giamani and Tom Faulk

When you work in the film business you have to be on time for your shoot. That’s probably one of the golden rules of being an actor, whether that’s a porn model actor or anything I guess. I mean you wouldn’t turn up late to appear on stage would you? Everyone would go home, unless you were someone very famous who can afford to mess people around. But our guy Leo Giamani isn’t that famous, not yet, but he is learning the rules slowly’ He certainly learns a lesson in ‘Get This On Film’ from Drill my Hole, and he gets taught it by older, more experienced guy Tom Faulk.

Leo turns up at the studio for his shoot only to find that the shoot has been shot and that Tom is not very happy about it. There’s a bit of a row and excuses are made and then, when Leo says he should get a ‘kill fee’ (basically getting paid for not being needed), Tom kisses him, hard. What the…? Well, he says, if you want your fee you gotta do something for it, and this is what the shoot would have involved.

Leo Giamani ( click here to check out leo giamani homepage ) being forced down to suck on Tom’s cock, that’s part one of the scene that never was, and what a nice cock it is too. Leo knows his place, calling the other guy Sir and being subservient as he does as he is told. Tom gets naked and shows us his taught muscles and fit body while the younger guy stays on his knees licking balls and sucking dick. And then Tom wants something more, and before you know it Leo is naked and bent over and the older guy is starting to explore his ass with fingers, bending him over the desk and making him moan with pea sure as he finger fucks the wannabe’s hole.

One finger in, then two and then pounding it hard and faster, stabbing it, slapping his ass, getting a bit aggressive… Then Tom sits on his face and plays with the boy’s cock while he gets the pleasure of being rimmed. Tom uses him as much as he can, in all kinds of ways before he gets the new guy to sit on his cock. They’re lying over the desk, Leo is getting well fucked and the scene remains high octane and hardcore as Faulk uses his latecomer for his own pleasure.

Finally they end up on the floor and there’s a really loud ending as Tom Faulk ( )fucks and jerks the cum out of the young hopeful then makes him eat it before shooting off all over him. This is one of those scenes where you really do say ‘phew!’ afterwards.

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